Socialize TV experience

Friends and family do not need to stay together, or to be together or sit back behind the same screen. Each can enjoy watching the show on their preferred screen and at their place, but can still share comments and tags on the show being broadcasted. Friends who are continents away can still share feelings and comments with TVlize solution. A user who wasn't able to attend the show while its being broadcasted, can still attend it and see all the comments that his friends/family have posted.


From Lean back to lean forward

Move TV experience from lean back to lean forward. With lean forward, users can positively interact and directly engage with the show rather than being forced to watch a show without any real time engagement. With TVlize Social, users can comment on the show, ask interviewee questions on the air, vote to change the course of the program, interact with each other and the host of the show while watching TV. In short, TVlize is a whole new experience, an engaged, two way and an unforgettable way of social entertainment.


Detailed analytics for broadcasters

With TVlize Analytics broadcasters can have an accurate feedback about the statistics of users following a show, an ad or a sport game. Broadcasters will know in details when each user joined the show, when they left and what they liked. Broadcasters can analyze users behaviours to deduce many important factors that determine shows popularity and who is watching what at any time. The advanced statistics offered will allow broadcasters to tune advertisement with shows depending on their popularity and followers.


Full Social Experience

Users can enjoy full social networking features such as a friend list, invite a friend, see friends activity, recommend a show and grouping. For grouping, there are two different main groups, either a list of friends defined in one group where all of those friends can see your comments to a show or type of shows. Or list of friends based on a particular show (temporary list) that is set only for this particular show. Users can allow/deny friends from seeing their comments/emoticons or other interactions.


TV as a platform for shared culture

TV has changed from one controlled distribution system to an offer through the internet, from single stream to multiple streams with social experience. TVlize Social will allow users to add their views to any broadcasting, share it with their friends, discuss it or even interact directly with the show and the host. Viewers can also answer a poll online immediately and see the reactions of other peers.


Explore TV

TVlize Profiling allows broadcasters to build profiles for each user based on their previous viewing, liking and what their friends are interested in. The broadcaster can then recommend specific shows to users.


Take your show with you!

It was never the case before that a TV viewer could watch TV shows on the go, TVlize made it possible to watch your preferred show on your preferred devices, at any time and anywhere and on the go! TVlize Mobile will convert the broadcasting into many different formats. These days, tablets are classified as the most important device for watching movies and TV. We will allow any broadcaster to have their shows on iPad or Android tablets. Users will be able to use other TVlize products such as TVlize Social, TVlize Analytics as well.