TVlize is a company that specializes in improving and socializing TV. At TVlize, we are changing the TV experience both for viewers and broadcasters. Viewers will be able to participate in shows by commenting at any time, tagging a point of time, answering a survey and changing the course of action of a show. TVlize can also allow people to use their desktops, tablets or smart phones to watch TV. Viewers will move from lean-backward to lean-forward experience once they feel they can read comments from friends and peers and comment back. Viewers will have their own social networks within TVlize to share comments and tags on a show either privately, in a group or publicly.
Broadcasters can use TVlize solutions to get accurate statistics, know when viewers join a program and when they leave and how much they are interacting with the program. TVlize can also allow broadcaster to embed HTML content with the show being broadcasted so that viewers can get more information from the show or links pointing to deals or discounts.
TVlize also provides mining and profiling products for broadcasters enabling them to divide viewers into groups and recommend shows to them or do targeted advertising.


To revolutionise TV viewing experience by making it social, available everywhere and allow broadcasting of HTML information along with the programs. Also, we want to offer broadcasters with more tools to do statistics and analyze users behaviours.


Our mission is to help users change their usual TV experience by allowing them to watch whatever they want to watch, wherever they are and on whatever device they want to watch it on. We also want them to be more active while watching TV by enabling them to comment on shows in real time and to tag moments in shows. Users will also be able to watch TV together online and share their views and comments. Our solutions also address most of the challenges faced by broadcasting companies nowadays. We provide solutions to track user's activity and provide real time analysis.


This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.

Ali Ahmad
Louie Harp