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  • TVlize Platform™

    TV broadcasters will use TVlize Platform to power their channel or list of channels together. They will have all the components listed below combined and configured to work properly together. They will also have a backend to control content and view statistics online.

    TVlize Platform™ will use TVlize Social™, TVlize Analytics™, TVlize Profiling™, TVlize Mobile™, TVlize Casting™ solutions. The user will be able to watch any program in the channel (live or recorded) and interact with other users on it.

  • TVlize Mobile™

    Smartphone application to receive video broadcasting directly to mobile. The application is available already on Android and iPhone

    TVlize Mobile™ will generate multiple formats from a single input video stream. Transcoding will happen in real time and to many different screens

  • TVlize Casting™

    TVlize Casting™ is a server solution that allows to reencode your video into many different format allowing users to watch your video from their PCs, Tablets and Mobile. If you have a TV channel and you want to increase your followers, then use TVlize Casting™ to create your online stream plus streams that can be viewed on any tablet or smartphone.

    Broadcasters can also add HTML or other information to be broadcasted during the show. Since users can now watch the show on their browsers, then broadcasters can broadcast other information in accordance with the video/audio channels. This will allow broadcasters to send extra relevant information about an interview, details about each movie or actor, links regarding an advertisment that is being shown or references for a documentary.

  • TVlize Social™

    TVlize Social™ is our core social solution which allows users to socialize with the live broadcast. Socializing can be done either with tagging, commenting or sharing. Each user will have several groups that he/she belongs to. For each show, the user can attend that show virtually with any or many of his groups. Attending the show with a group allows all the members of the group to see each other's comments and to interact with each other and with the show.

  • TVlize Analytics™

    TVlize Analytics™ is a server product that can be installed with TVlize Casting™ allowing broadcasters to track users who are watching the show, commenting on it or sharing it. Broadcasters find it always difficult to estimate the number of users following any show, when they join the show, when they leave. . .etc. With TVlize Analytics™ things couldn't be easier. Broadcasters can see number of viewers online and in realtime. They can also get more feedback about their responses to any event happening during the show.

  • TVlize Me2TV™

    TVlize Me2TV™ is an online service allowing any user with a smartphone to create his/her own TV station. Creators of TV stations should use their cameras and shoot wherever they want, whenever they want. They will get a live video channel that viewers can follow in real-time online. Those Creators can use all the extra features of TVlize Social™ or TVlize Analytics™ to interact with their viewers and see their stats. If you like blogging then wait until you have your own realtime video.

  • TVlize Profiling™

    TVlize Profiling™ will allow broadcasters to build profiles for viewers depending on their viewing experience and what their friends are watching. Broadcasters can use these information to invite viewers to specific programs, use targeted advertising and allow system to recommend friends to users.

    The solution allows more features on the backend where broadcasters will be able to group viewers into different segments, estimate the size of each segment and what is their satisfaction with each program.

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