TVlize Analytics™ Detailed analytics for broadcasters

  • Tvlize Analytics™

    TVlize Analytics™ is a server product that can be installed with TVlize Casting™ allowing broadcasters to track users who are watching the show, commenting on it or sharing it. Broadcasters always find it difficult to estimate the number of users following any show, when they join the show, when they leave...etc. With TVlize Analytics™ things couldn't be anymore easier. Broadcasters can see number of viewers online and in realtime. They can also get more feedback about their responses to any event happening during the show.

    What consumers are saying about a program or a commercial can be analyzed, measured and mined. Users are engaged with their TV social experience and such engagement is pouring a lot of information for a data miner. We can:

    • 01 Analyze social TV comments to see which characters or what events that are resonating with audiences.
    • 02 Group fans of a show or a program into one group and interact directly with them.
    • 03 Track consumer behavior and segment users into groups according to their gender, life style, their watching behavior and their preferred programs/shows

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