We are a team of experienced developers with good technical background and a willingness to revolutionize TV experience.
We believe that TV experience should move from "lean back" to "lean forward". We would love to see TV integrate easily with Social networks. We built a platform allowing any broadcaster to make tv experience social.
We can provide any broadcaster with a set of tools allowing them to offer social and interactive TV experience. Users worldwide will be able to follow the service, add comments, attend their prefered shows together and view the shows on any device (mobile, tablet and PC).

Our system will connect directly to your cameras and we can do live broadcasting and streaming of the shows to any internet enabled device. This includes Mobile, Tablets and PC. Our system will automatically recognize the connecting device and tune the streaming to fit its screen and bandwidth. The auto adaptation mode includes the converesion of the stream to a format recognized by the device itself.

We allow end-users to add an emoticon at any time in the show, thus allowing them to express themselves easily and freely. Users will be able to view what others users have added as emoticons. Users can group themselves and can add comments to any live or stored videos that only their friends and followers can see.

Yes. And it is called TVlize Analytics. With TVlize Analytics, we can provide your company with full statistics about each show and number of viewers. We can also estimate the number of viewers at each minute depending on the interactivity of users. With our statistics module, you can track users activity, see when they join in and when they leave a tv show and present all this user activity in a statistical graph, which will help the broadcasters immensely in allocating targeted ads and shows airtime.

We provide several solutions namely: adProfile, adDiscount and adInfo.

TVlize offers user profiling module. In this module, you can group users and analyse their activities and interactions of shows to classify them into groups and to offer them other programs. You can also use the profiling for targeted advertising that happens within the show.

Since TVlize can broadcast TV to mobile, tablets and internet, then we can broadcast information beside the TV itself. Our system allows us to broadcast HTML at specific time with the live broadcast, so that users can get extra information about what is being shown on the screen and interact with it. The HTML block can also include information about special offers and discounts.

Besides commenting and tagging, users can vote for something online and get the results instantly on the TV. Users can change the course of action during a TV show or interact with TV stars on the program.

Users can share their comments and tags on their preferred social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.