Video explainer with demo What is TVlize? A simple video explaining what TVlize is, why is it necessary and a quick overview of how it works.
Ecosystem change TV is becoming
an App
Days when you to have to sit down behind the tv to watch something are gone by. Users can now watch their preferred programs anytime, anywhere and on any device of their choice!
Broadcast yourself through mobile Your own TV Become a journalist not only by having your own blog but by having your own reportage that you can broadcast from your smart phone to followers worldwide.

You can also schedule programs for people to watch from a selection of yours.

Personalized TV TV Everywhere

Choose programs that you want to watch, with whom and on any device.
social experience socialize on TV

Our platform will help users comment, tag, shout on their TV shows. This will change the TV experience from lean back to lean forward. Users can not only comment but participate in shows and change the shows itself
Watch Live from any device Our system can rencode videos for different devices and it can be viewed on your PC, Tablet or through our native mobile application on iPad, iPhone and Android.
Track Users Full statistics system We provide broadcasters with full analysis about users joining in and out of programs, comments and tags.

We build profiles for users allowing to do targeted advertising with higher click through and less annoying to users. Our system can also stream those offers in HTML5 format viewable on the device of the user.
  • TVlize Android App Screencast

  • TVlize iOS App Screencast

  • Interactivity

    Users can comment on shows and propose changes. They can also tag any moment of the video; helping other users discover interesting moments.

  • Analysis

    Analyze what users are saying about the show, when they are joining in, with whom they are watching

  • All devices

    Users can watch their shows on any device including smart phones, tablets, STBs and PCs.

  • Monetization

    Increase monetization with targeted advertising, pay per view model, discount offers broadcasted with shows and many more

  • Better Experience

    Broadcaster can send HTML information along with the stream enabling users to get more information or click on links for offers.

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